Trees do not live forever. Trees require care to reach their full life span. While a tree may be strong and tall, keeping them alive is a fragile endeavor.  The "skin" of a tree lay just below the protective bark. One can think of it as a glove over the entire branch, trunk, and root system.  It is only 3 cells thick.  Very fragile.  This "skin" is the only living tissue of the tree.  Damage a significant portion of it, and the tree is in danger of dying.

Further, each branch of a tree corresponds to a root. Kill that root and no nourishment goes to the related branch, and it will die.

Proper tree maintenance includes appropriate nourishment, and protection from disease and insect infestations.  Improper pruning techniques can severely damage trees, leaving them vulnerable to weaknesses, which in turn can lead to an unsafe environment for property and people.  Trees should be inspected, pruned, and nourished regularly.

Want to have healthy trees for generations to come?  Tom Day Tree Service will help you manage your tree assets for the long term.  We've been doing this, right here, since 1974.