Why I Should Hire An Arborist?

Your trees are a valuable investment, providing oxygen to the air, shade from the summer heat, and beauty to your home. It only makes sense that you want to give them the best care possible and who knows trees better than an arborist? Arborists study trees inside and out, protecting them from diseases, helping them grow, and making sure that they receive the proper nutrients.

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When Is The Best Time To Plant Fruit Trees in Southern California?

Tom Day Tree Service near Claremont, CA, is situated on the edge of Los Angeles County, and has an average high temperature of 76 degrees F and an average low temperature of 50 degrees F. This places it in the USDA Hardiness Zone 10a and the Plantmaps Hardiness Zone 9b. As a winner of the National Arbor Day Association’s award of Tree City USA for 22 years in a row, you can see that this area loves its trees. If you live in the Claremont, CA, area and have been thinking about planting fruit trees, you are not alone. Planting your fruit trees at the right time of year will give the trees the chance to establish their roots properly so that the fruit will be more plentiful.

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