Managing Trees to Mitigate Root Damage or Loss

Damage to root systems can be devastating for trees and for your property. With weakened roots, trees can’t get enough water or nutrients, which can cause leaves and branches to die and fall on your home or property. A reduced root system will also impact the tree’s ability to withstand high winds, and can potentially lead to the felling of the entire tree. Fortunately, there are several ways that you and your tree care professionals can help mitigate root damage and prevent root-related tree problems.

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4 Common Tree Mistakes You Can Avoid With Help from a Tree Service in Upland

Trees are amazing works of nature. They’re beautiful, usually low-maintenance, and often surprisingly resilient. The simple beauty of trees may trick you into thinking that you don’t need expert help to care for them. This might be true if you were talking about a wild tract of forested land. However, when you’re talking about trees used for landscaping in residential areas, things get a little more complicated. You really should call in the experts before you plant, prune, or remove a tree, and not just because they’re the ones with the ladders and the chainsaws. With help from an expert tree service in Upland, you can avoid these 4 common–and costly–tree mistakes.

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