At Tom Day Tree Service, we can help you determine if and when a tree needs to be removed, preventing damage to your property from wandering roots or falling branches.

Tree Size. One danger of planting trees on a small lot is the potential for the tree to outgrow its space. It can potentially damage nearby pipes, pavement, structures, drop leaves or branches outside your property line, or simply block your view. Or your tree might have an overdeveloped crown that makes it susceptible to wind damage. Some species grow faster than others, and different varieties have different weaknesses and vulnerabilities, so there’s no timeline for tree removal. Having regular service from the professionals at Tom Day can help you identify trees needing removal before they damage your property.

Tree Health. Your tree may have a fungal infection that has killed half the branches, or become diseased, or damaged by drought, insects, or lightning strikes, or has simply expired from old age.

Topping. Unfortunately, if you’ve had your tree topped by another tree service, you might end up needing tree removal. Topping can result in significant stress to trees, including UV damage to bark, an inability to produce enough food, vulnerability to disease and insects, and unhealthy regrowth. Any of these factors has the potential to be fatal. If you have a sick tree, let us attempt to cure it. If it cannot be cured, we will then discuss removal options.