How Tree Service Companies Impact The Environment

The college town of Claremont, CA, has a long history of understanding the importance of trees. Not only are there still many fruit trees in the area, but many residential areas that were built in place of old orchards have also planted trees in abundance. Caring for trees is an important part of caring for our environment, and tree service companies play an important role in caring for trees.


Services Provided by Tree Service Companies

You may not realize the many different services that tree service companies provide.

  • Tree trimming – trees can get out of hand and require trimming for safety and aesthetics
  • Pruning – in order to grow properly, fruit trees and other types of trees must be pruned
  • Tree removal – when a tree no longer serves its function or is diseased, it needs to be removed
  • Palm tree trimming – Even palm trees need trimming, and tree service companies have the equipment to trim even the tallest palm trees
  • Stump grinding – when a tree has been removed, the stump often requires grinding
  • Line clearing – when trees interfere with power lines, they must be properly and safely cut back
  • Tree planting – many Claremont, CA, residents and businesses use tree service companies to properly plant trees on their property
  • Firewood – when a tree is removed, it can be processed to become firewood, which recycles that tree

Caring for Trees

While you may have planted a tree near your Claremont, CA, home and figured you could simply let it grow, it is important to realize that trees require proper care. If they don’t receive the care they need, they could become diseased or infected by insects. In addition, if they are not properly pruned they can be damaged, which makes them unsafe to be around. Tree service companies can help you and the environment by helping to keep your trees healthy.

What will you use a tree service company for?