Tom Day Tree Service near Claremont, CA, is situated on the edge of Los Angeles County, and has an average high temperature of 76 degrees F and an average low temperature of 50 degrees F. This places it in the USDA Hardiness Zone 10a and the Plantmaps Hardiness Zone 9b. As a winner of the National Arbor Day Association’s award of Tree City USA for 22 years in a row, you can see that this area loves its trees. If you live in the Claremont, CA, area and have been thinking about planting fruit trees, you are not alone. Planting your fruit trees at the right time of year will give the trees the chance to establish their roots properly so that the fruit will be more plentiful.


Planting Fruit Trees In the Spring

Many people like to plant fruit trees early in the spring so that they can grow throughout the summer and fall. This gives the seedlings a chance to get established before winter arrives. Many nurseries suggest planting bare-root trees, as they are sometimes less expensive and can establish well. If you get bare root trees and cannot plant them immediately you will need to cover the roots with soil for a few days until you can plant them. It is suggested that if you plant toward the end of spring, such as late May or June, potted trees may do better. It is important to verify how much space each tree will need when it is fully grown so you can properly select your planting site. In addition, you can get excellent advice on how to prepare your soil and how deep to plant the tree. It is important to plant in an area where the soil is well-drained.

Planting Fruit Trees In the Summer

In the Claremont, CA, area, summer planting is not recommended because the temperatures are generally quite high. Planting a fruit tree when temperatures are high does not give it a chance to settle in and grow properly.

Planting Fruit Trees In the Fall

Some experts like to plant fruit trees in California in the fall. Because the winter is mild, planting fruit trees in the fall can be the perfect time. The idea is that the roots can become established without the tree itself coming out of dormancy. The majority of the energy of the tree is directed to the establishment of a strong root system, which often means the tree is stronger in the spring when it begins to grow its foliage.

When do you plan to plant your fruit trees?