Trees are amazing works of nature. They’re beautiful, usually low-maintenance, and often surprisingly resilient. The simple beauty of trees may trick you into thinking that you don’t need expert help to care for them. This might be true if you were talking about a wild tract of forested land. However, when you’re talking about trees used for landscaping in residential areas, things get a little more complicated. You really should call in the experts before you plant, prune, or remove a tree, and not just because they’re the ones with the ladders and the chainsaws. With help from an expert tree service in Upland, you can avoid these 4 common–and costly–tree mistakes.


Choosing the Wrong Tree

Different types of trees require different amounts of sun, shade, water, and soil nutrients. This means that you can’t just head to the nursery and pick whatever you want. Instead, you need to tailor your tree choice to the specific conditions present in your yard. The best way to do this is to consult a professional tree service in Upland that has plenty of experience selecting trees ideal for your local area.

Planting in the Wrong Spot

Many people end up having to cut down their trees because they were planted too close to a building, fence, driveway, pipe, or electrical line, and this improper planting resulted in damage to their property as well as to their trees. When planting a tree, you must envision the mature tree, not the sapling you have in your hands. Make sure that the mature tree will have plenty of room for both its roots and its branches to grow.

Improper Pruning

If you’re lucky, improper pruning will just make your tree ugly. If you’re not so lucky, it can maim or kill your tree. For example, over-thinning a tree’s canopy can expose the inner branches and trunk to too much sunlight. This may cause the bark to split and invite infestations of insects or pathogens. “Topping” a tree (removing 50 to 100 percent of its crown) can actually kill a tree by starvation, because the tree loses the ability to photosynthesize.

Overdoing It

When caring for their trees, many homeowners fall into the trap of providing too much of a good thing. Overwatering, over-fertilizing, and over-mulching are all bad! Tree roots are supposed to spread out in search of water and nutrients, anchoring the tree firmly in the ground. If you provide too much water right at the base of the tree, the roots will grow up instead of out, which can actually strangle the tree. Overwatering can also loosen the surrounding soil or cause the tree’s canopy to become overdeveloped. Both of these outcomes reduce the tree’s ability to withstand high winds and could lead to a situation requiring emergency tree service in Upland!

Don’t let these common tree problems keep you from putting trees in your yard. As long as you leave planting and care to the experts, you have nothing to worry about!