Emergency Tree Service in Upland

Nobody wants to have to call for emergency tree service in Upland. Whether you have a few small broken branches dangling from the crown of the tree, a huge limb resting on your roof, or an entire tree toppled over onto your car, it is imperative that you call in the experts right away! Failing to do so can only worsen the damage already done to your property and your tree.


The most common cause of emergency tree service in Upland is storm damage. What many people don’t realize is that proper tree care can actually improve a tree’s ability to resist high winds, and, in turn, reduce the odds of having a tree emergency due to storm damage.

Preventable Contributors to Storm Damage

Here are some common–and preventable–issues that make trees more susceptible to storm damage.

Overdeveloped Canopy. When a tree’s canopy is overdeveloped compared to its root system, it is more likely to get blown over in high winds. It’s kind of like getting your umbrella turned inside out in a storm. Reasons your tree’s canopy would be overdeveloped include over-watering and over-fertilizing.

Weakened Root Systems. Strong roots are essential for anchoring trees during storms. Over-watering can cause root systems to grow improperly, as can planting trees too deep or too close to barriers like pavement and basements. Soil compaction can also be a problem. For example, you may like to park your car under a tree for shade, but by doing so you are compacting the soil around the tree, preventing its roots from getting the air, nutrients, and water that they need. This can eventually cause the roots to die.

Weakened Branches. Pruning techniques like topping and over-thinning remove established branches and encourage the growth of spindly, weakly attached sprouts as the tree struggles to quickly produce new branches to compensate for the loss of the old. These branches will not be strong enough to resist severe storm weather.

Disease. Branches weakened or killed by disease or insect infestations become brittle and less likely to withstand even minor wind levels. Preventable contributors to disease include improper pruning, bark and trunk injuries, and removing nearby trees without taking proper precautions. Be sure to always treat newly cut stumps with fungicide to prevent the spread of disease from the stump to nearby root systems.

Emergency Tree Service in Upland for Acts of God

Of course, not all storm damage is preventable! For example, lightning can strike a healthy tree just as easily as an unhealthy one, and some extremely high storm winds would be impossible for any tree to withstand. It’s comforting to know that you can always rely on your local tree experts for emergency help, no matter what the root cause of the problem may be.