Tree removal in Rancho Cucamonga can be a very daunting task. The bigger the tree that needs removing, the more nervous you may feel. Here are 4 steps that a professional tree service company will take to accomplish a successful removal.


Identifying Candidates for Removal

There are plenty of reasons you might need tree removal in Rancho Cucamonga, and not all of them involve dead, dying, or damaged trees. A tree whose branches are coming dangerously close to your home or power lines, or whose roots have invaded your sewer pipes, will also need to be removed. Aesthetic concerns such as restricted views may lead to removal as well. Consulting a professional tree service will help you differentiate between problems that can be solved with pruning and those that require full tree removal.

Choosing a Technique for Tree Removal in Rancho Cucamonga

When it comes to tree felling, many factors must be considered, including the size and orientation of the tree, as well as its position on your property and its proximity to various buildings. If there is plenty of room or the tree is relatively small, it may be felled using a single cut at its base. If space is limited or the tree is very large, the “cut and chuck” method may be used instead. In this method, a qualified tree service professional climbs the tree, removing branches as he passes them. When he reaches the top of the tree, he begins to cut off sections of the trunk, pushing them to the ground as he descends until the tree trunk is short enough to be felled safely from the ground. In extremely close quarters, the trunk sections may be lowered to the ground using rope, rather than simply dropped.

Disposing of the Tree

The best way to dispose of a felled tree is to feed it into a wood chipper. Then, spread the wood chips around your yard, and you’ve just gotten all your mulching done for free! However, this method doesn’t work for every tree. For example, wood from diseased trees may need to be hauled away and destroyed.

Removing the Stump

Removing the stump is a vital part of the tree removal process. This can be accomplished with stump grinding, which basically cuts away the stump until it is 4-12 inches below the ground. Stumps can also be pulled out or destroyed using chemicals. If any part of the stump is left in the ground, it must be treated with fungicide, to prevent it from spreading disease to the roots of nearby living trees. Your local tree service professionals can help you make the best choice.