Commercial and residential tree service have a lot in common. Generally, commercial tree service just involves planting, pruning, and servicing trees on a larger scale. However, there are some unique concerns involved with commercial tree service that make it imperative to contract with an expert commercial tree service in Upland CA for all your needs.



While any property owner could be liable for damage caused by trees on their property, commercial property owners must be especially careful, because so many people frequent their establishments. In order to prevent liability issues, it’s best to hire an expert tree service to perform regular maintenance. That way, they can identify potential issues such as weak limbs before they have a chance to break, thus preventing damage and liability. It’s also important to make sure the company that you hire for commercial tree service in Upland CA has all of its safety certifications in order, so that the technicians that come to tend to your trees don’t injure themselves while on your property.


Of course any property owner wants their trees and their property to look their best. With a commercial property, this is especially important, as the aesthetics and overall condition of the property affect how people perceive the business. For example, a doctor’s office surrounded by dead trees won’t exactly inspire confidence in patients! However, if that same office is surrounded by healthy, shapely trees that are obviously well cared for, patients will feel much more at ease. They will see that the office takes its image and its business seriously. When looking for professional tree care for your commercial property, be sure to select a company that understands each stage of the process, from planting to pruning to removal of dead or dying trees. That way, you will be able to work with a single provider for all your tree care needs, ensuring a unified and beautiful landscaping design.


With some businesses, healthy trees can be used as part of a landscaping effort that actually enhances the functionality of the property. For example, lining a shopping arcade with leafy shade trees can help keep customers happy and comfortable even during the brightest and hottest hours of the day. When hiring a commercial tree service in Upland CA to care for your commercial property, you will want to make sure that they understand your goals for your property and can help you reach those goals. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to hire a company that practices topping to prune your shade trees, because topping would effectively destroy their ability to provide shade for at least a season.