One of the chief benefits of organic  tree service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is the ability to cultivate strong, beautiful trees without the use of artificial chemicals. While some organic techniques cost more than traditional methods of tree care, many people believe that they deliver better results. And, of course, organic methods are generally better for the planet!


Nourishing Trees Naturally

Traditional tree care typically utilizes artificial fertilizers to provide trees with nutrients that aren’t abundant in local soil. While these fertilizers do deliver the required nutrients, some also contain chemicals that can kill naturally-occurring soil bacteria and ultimately end up weakening the tree. Over-fertilizing with chemicals can also harm the tree by damaging its roots.

By contrast, organic tree care Rancho Cucamonga CA provides a safer, more natural, and more beneficial way to nourish trees. Organic fertilizers contain compounds that must be broken down by microorganisms in the soil before the tree can consume the nutrients. This means that the fertilizer actually gets incorporated into the soil structure, improving overall soil quality at the same time it nourishes the tree. Unfortunately, it also means that it will take longer to see a result from organic fertilizers. Some common organic fertilizers include bone meal, manure, chicken litter, peat moss, and leaf mold. Before applying any type of fertilizer, have a tree care professional test your soil for pH and nutrient levels and make a recommendation as to the proper compound to use.

Organic Pest Control

Avoiding chemical pesticides is a big part of the organic movement, both for food and for general gardening. Fortunately, many organic products provide healthier alternatives to traditional chemical pesticides. For example, nicotine sulfate (extracted from tobacco), neem oil (made from the Indian neem tree), and pyrethrum (extracted from daisies) can all help control aphids, mites, and caterpillars. Sulfur can help fight blight, mildew, and rust, but it also comes with a very unpleasant odor.

You will definitely want to investigate organic tree care Rancho Cucamonga CA if you have fruit trees on your property. Using organic pest control methods rather than poisonous chemical sprays and powders will make your fruit safer for your family to consume.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming all “natural” or “organic” pest control substances are also non-toxic. Some, like rotenone, are relatively toxic to humans and other mammals. Other substances are also toxic, but at least break down naturally at a much faster rate than chemical pesticides.

Remember, before using any organic product, you would do well to ask the advice of a qualified professional with expertise in organic tree care Rancho Cucamonga CA.