Tree Service Chino Hills, CA The affluent Los Angeles suburb of Chino Hills CA is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live by Money magazine. It’s a fair assumption that the city’s village-style neighborhoods have something to do with this. Homes in Chino Hills tend to be arranged in small clusters, within walking distance of parks and carefully placed shopping centers. In a walkable city like Chino Hills, landscaping plays a huge role.

Landscaping with Trees

Trees add beauty to a landscape, clean our air, and provide much-appreciated shade for summer strolls through Chino Hills. When trees are healthy, they can even improve property values and quality of life. However, when trees are visibly unhealthy, they destroy the careful atmosphere of peace and well-being that landscape architects strive to create. At Tom Day Tree Service, we understand the vital role of trees in landscape architecture. We not only strive to keep trees healthy through proper planting, mulching, fertilizing, and watering, but we also keep trees beautiful through industry-approved pruning techniques. You will never see our workers topping a tree, because this sort of pruning is ugly and quite dangerous for the tree’s health. When you hire us for tree service in Chino Hills CA, you can rest assured that we will treat your trees with the utmost care. 

Tree Removal Chino Hills, CA

Unfortunately, if you’ve had your tree topped by another tree service, you might end up needing tree removal in Chino Hills CA. Topping can result in significant stress to trees, including UV damage to bark, an inability to produce enough food, vulnerability to disease and insects, and unhealthy regrowth. Any of these factors has the potential to be fatal. If you have a sick tree, let us attempt to cure it. If it cannot be cured, we will then discuss removal options. Depending on the space constraints of the work area, we can either fell the entire tree or remove it in segments from the top down. We will of course also handle stump grinding and waste removal.

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