Tree Service Claremont, CA

When living in a city that has won the National Arbor Association’s “Tree City USA” award every year for over two decades and counting, you probably feel like you have a lot to live up to, tree-wise. Not only does Claremont have tons of trees, it also has some of the last healthy American Elms in the country, the rest of them having been killed off by Dutch Elm disease. Hire Tom Day Tree Service and rest assured that your yard will make a worthy contribution to the character of the “City of Trees and PhDs.”

Complete Tree Care Services

When looking for tree service in Claremont CA, you should definitely consider a company like Tom Day Tree Service that is able to provide complete tree care for all tree varieties at all stages of their life. We can help you select and plant new trees, choosing varieties appropriate for the sun, soil, and water conditions in your yard. We can also provide continual service for the life of the tree, including mulching, fertilizing, and trimming, as well as inspections to catch and correct insect infestations and fungal infections before they have a chance to kill your tree. Our tree service professionals can draw on their extensive experience and expert knowledge to provide you advice about watering, pruning, and more.

Tree Removal Claremont, CA

Some tree varieties live longer than others, but eventually most ornamental trees will need to be removed for one reason or another. They might outgrow their space, block your view, start dropping leaves or branches outside your property line, become diseased or damaged, or simply expire from old age. When any of these things happen, it is imperative that you contact an expert company like Tom Day Tree Service for tree removal in Claremont CA. Attempting to remove the tree on your own can be dangerous and may result in personal injury or property damage. Removing the tree professionally, however, is much safer. Our tree service professionals are fully certified and well-versed in OSHA safety standards and best tree removal practices. We can quickly, safely, and efficiently remove your tree, grind the stump, dispose of the waste, and leave your yard looking none the worse for wear.

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