Tree Service Covina, CA Covina’s slogan, “One mile square and all there!” comes from the early 1900s, when the physically tiny city nonetheless achieved big things, such as becoming the third largest producer of oranges in the world. Today, most of Covina is residential, but people still enjoy referencing their citrus-growing heritage with fruit trees in their yards.

Tree Care for All Varieties

At Tom Day Tree Service, we can help you maximize the potential of a small yard by selecting small, slow-growing tree species appropriate for the space. We can also help you care for just about any variety of tree, assuming it is suited for California’s climate. We provide specialized services for the unique needs of iconic California trees like citruses and palms, as well as planting, pruning, and feeding of other species. As members of the Tree Care Industry Association, our staff members have access to a wide variety of arboreal research and information, which enables them to provide your trees with the very best care, in accordance with the latest tree service standards. When you hire us for tree service in Covina CA, you know you are getting quality care that will beautify your tree and prolong its life.

Tree Removal Covina, CA

One danger of planting trees on a small lot is the potential for the tree to outgrow its space and potentially damage nearby pipes, pavement, or structures. If you are concerned about the size of a tree on your property, let us come and take a look. We can determine if the problem can be corrected with pruning, or if tree removal in Covina CA is needed. Our fully certified tree technicians have plenty of experience working in small yards, and they can quickly and safely fell the tree without disturbing surrounding plantings or structures. As the final step in tree removal, we will also grind the stump and chip, chop, or remove the wood.

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