Tree Service La Verne, CA Up until WWII, the foothills community of La Verne was a center of the citrus industry, with plenty of commercial orange groves. Today, one of the last groves is preserved on the grounds of the Weber House, which showcases the city’s history by serving as a working 1915 citrus ranch. As elsewhere in California, many residents also grow their own oranges on their property for personal consumption.

Tree Care for All Species

While the local conditions in La Verne are naturally ideal for many types of trees, including citrus, your trees still need proper care. Water and soil conditions can vary slightly from yard to yard, and what grows nicely in your neighbor’s yard might not fare well in your own without extra water and fertilizer. The experts from Tom Day Tree Service can help you assess the conditions in your yard and choose the perfect tree. We can also handle the planting and maintenance of the tree, including pruning and fertilizing as needed. We recommend investing in regular tree service in La Verne CA, rather than waiting until you see a problem to ask for help. With regular visits from our certified experts, you can catch potential problems like disease, root suffocation, or limb weakness before they have a chance to cause extensive and expensive damage to your tree or property.

Tree Removal La Verne, CA

There are many reasons you might need tree removal in La Verne CA, ranging from issues associated with the integrity and health of the tree to aesthetic concerns. For example, your tree might have an overdeveloped crown that makes it susceptible to wind damage, or it might have a fungal infection that has killed half the branches and made it extremely unsightly. Either way, you will want to have the tree removed to keep your property safe and beautiful. At Tom Day Tree Service, we can handle any type of removal, felling the tree quickly even in close quarters. Because our staff completes all work in accordance with OSHA standards, you can trust us to do the job safely and with miniscule risk of incidental damage to personnel or property.

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