Tree Service Montclair, CA The city of Montclair was originally named Monte Vista. However, another town called Monte Vista already existed in Northern California, and the USPS refused to recognize a second one. As a result, the city’s name was changed to Montclair in 1958. Both names reference the spectacular views available in the city, views which included the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and, of course, plenty of trees.

Beautiful Trees

In order to keep views beautiful in residential Montclair, expert tree service is a must. At Tom Day Tree Service, we have 30 years of experience in caring for trees and keeping them looking their best. Unlike tree care companies that practice the hideous pruning method of topping, we use less invasive pruning methods that support both the health and the aesthetics of the tree. All of our staff is fully certified, and we make frequent use of additional training opportunities offered by the Tree Care Industry Association. This ensures that you always get the very best advice and tree service in Montclair CA. Whether you need to plant a new tree, mulch and fertilize an existing tree, prune branches that are coming into contact with your home, or even remove a tree, we can help.

Tree Removal Montclair, CA

Trees add so much to the character of a landscape that parting with one can be quite an ordeal. The situation only gets worse if you use an unqualified tree removal service, as there is a very real potential for your home or vehicle to become damaged through improper felling. However, if you let the experts from Tom Day Tree Service handle your tree removal in Montclair CA, you won’t have to worry about property damage or liability. We only send out certified professionals who are completely up to date on OSHA standards, so you know that no reckless behavior or unnecessary risk will be involved in the removal. Instead, we will carefully assess the conditions in your yard, select the best removal method, and complete the job quickly, safely, and efficiently. We will also clean up after ourselves, removing the wood and the stump for disposal or, upon request, creating wood chips you can use as mulch.

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