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Tree Service, Trimming, Pruning, Removal, Stump Removal - Ontario, CA As the home of the 15th busiest cargo airport in the US, the city of Ontario is always buzzing with freight traffic moving between the airport and the nearby ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. All this traffic means plenty of exhaust, and a need for trees to help clean up the air and help residents breathe easy. A nice mix of deciduous trees and palms has been planted in the city, and in fact Ontario was once known as “Iowa under palms,” in reference to its Midwestern settlers and typically Californian tree plantings.

Specialized Tree Care

At Tom Day Tree Service, we know how to care for trees in Ontario. Our expertise extends to all sorts of trees, including ones requiring special care, like palms and citrus. Palms can be finicky and require special nutrients seldom found naturally in the type of soil they prefer. If you have palms on your property, you really should get professional tree service in Ontario CA to ensure that they are nourished correctly. Palms must also be professionally trimmed in order to avoid unsightly dead fronds and promote healthy growth. Of course, we can also provide specialized tree care for just about any species of tree. In the rare event that we encounter a species of variety that we haven’t yet worked with in the company’s 30 years of tree care experience, we can always turn to the resources offered by our membership in the Tree Care Industry Association for help.

Tree Removal Ontario, CA

Our tree care professionals are all fully certified and fully capable of removing any size or variety of tree with minimal disturbance to the rest of your property. We can fell small trees outright or use a cut and chuck method on larger ones. We uphold all OSHA standards in our work, so you know the job will be done safely as well. Whether you need tree removal in Ontario CA because your tree is old, sick, overly large, or simply unwanted, Tom Day Tree Service is your best choice for a safe and professional removal.

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