Tree Service San Dimas, CA The citrus industry once thrived in San Dimas, and it was here that the famous orange brand “Sunkist” was first developed. Today, the sunny clime of San Dimas continues to provide many opportunities for growing beautiful trees.

Certified Tree Care

Tom Day Tree Service employs certified tree care professionals who can provide expert advice and perform planting, pruning, fertilizing, and mulching services in accordance with industry best practices. You will never catch the pros from Tom Day Tree Service performing the ugly and dangerous pruning technique known as topping. We know that this technique can cause serious harm to trees, including bark splitting due to UV damage, starvation due to lost leaves, and unsightly regrowth. Instead of topping, we prune with care and precision, selecting only those branches that must be cut to promote proper growth and support the overall health of the tree. Because we are members of the Tree Care Industry Association, you know we know what we’re doing when we perform tree service in San Dimas CA!

Tree Removal San Dimas, CA

We offer solutions for both planned and emergency tree removal in San Dimas CA. We know that sometimes factors out of your control can kill your trees, and when that happens we will rush to your aid as soon as possible, to lower the odds of the damaged tree falling on its own and damaging your home or property. We can also help you with planned tree removal. If you are tired of raking leaves and picking up dropped fruit, if your tree has outgrown its space, or if you suspect an insect infestation or disease has weakened the tree to the point where it won’t withstand the next storm, call us for help. We can recommend the best removal method, fell the tree safely, and haul away all the waste. We can even help you pick out and plant a new tree to replace the one that was removed.

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