Tree Service Upland, CA The city of Upland’s seal is framed by bunches of oranges and lemons and depicts the “Madonna of the Trail” against a backdrop of agricultural land. Today, the region is more residential, with trees used more as decoration than as a cash crop. Of course, trees still need care, even though Upland’s livelihood no longer depends on them.

Finding Excellent Tree Care

Trees are a big investment. Some varieties are expensive, and many also require a time investment of years or even decades before you can enjoy a fully grown and mature tree. When it comes to finding tree service in Upland CA, you will no doubt want to choose a company that can stand beside you for the entire life of the tree. One good indicator of the ability to do this is membership in the Tree Care Industry Association. By investing in membership to TCIA, Tom Day Tree Service is investing in its ability to serve you. Through the TCIA, our tree care experts can access research, ongoing training opportunities, and other resources that allow them to provide the very best service. Plus, with 30 years of experience in tree care, Tom Day Tree Service has a strong track record of offering excellent advice and service throughout the entire lifespan of a tree, from planting to annual maintenance to removal.

Tree Removal Upland, CA

Tree removal in Upland CA is a fact of life. Trees can become damaged due to drought, disease, insects, lightning strikes, etc., or they many simply outgrow their space and become undesirable. Some species grow faster than others and different varieties have different weaknesses and vulnerabilities, so there’s no timeline for tree removal. Having regular service from the professionals at Tom Day can help you identify trees needing removal before they damage your property. Our certified tree removal experts can quickly and safely fell any sort of tree, using industry-approved practices and in accordance with OSHA safety standards. Trust us with your tree removal—you won’t regret it!

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