Tree Service West Covina, CA

The city of West Covina originally incorporated to save its lovely landscape from being sullied by Covina’s sewage treatment facility. Today, this residential community continues to value its outdoor resources, with many parks, sports facilities, and outdoor shopping areas featuring prominently in the living out of its motto, “Live, work, play.” Of course, an important feature of any outdoor area is trees! In order to keep those trees looking their best, you need expert tree care.

Expert Tree Care

Trees are abundant in California, leading many people believe that they need no human intervention or maintenance. That may be true in the forest, but trees on residential or commercial property face extra stress and require professional care. At Tom Day Tree Service, our certified tree care experts have what it takes to diagnose and correct just about any tree care issue you can imagine. In 30 years of business, we’ve seen every type of insect infestation, disease, and fungus, as well as the consequences of urban stressors like crowding, root suffocation, and improper trimming. We know how to do tree service in West Covina CA right the first time. Just call us to find out how we can help with tree selection, planting, pruning, fertilizing, and more.

Tree Removal West Covina, CA

Safety is always a concern with tree removal in West Covina CA. Not only do you want to avoid seeing your property damaged by a falling tree, you also would hate to see a worker injured on your property. At Tom Day Tree Service, we do removals with caution and great care, in accordance with industry standards and OSHA regulations. No matter how large or small the tree, how cramped the space, or how tricky the removal, we can handle it quickly and safely. 

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